Santo Domingo vs. Pago Pago time difference

Santo Domingo timePago Pago time
(UTC/GMT -4)
Fri 10:33 am

(UTC/GMT -11)
Fri 03:33 am

5 am10:00 pm previous day
7 am12:00 am
9 am2:00 am
11 am4:00 am
1 pm6:00 am
3 pm8:00 am
5 pm10:00 am
7 pm12:00 pm

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is 7 hours ahead of Pago Pago, American Samoa

10:33 am Friday, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is
3:33 am Friday, in Pago Pago, American Samoa
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Time difference between Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and Pago Pago American Samoa is 7:0 hours

Neither Santo Domingo nor Pago Pago observe daylight saving time.
Santo Domingo - Pago Pago time difference remains 7 hours throughout the year.