San Francisco to Sydney time difference

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Time difference between San Francisco and Sydney, Australia is 17:0 hours

DST is observed in both San Francisco and Sydney. Time difference between these two cities may change depending on the date DST begins and ends.

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Sydney time in San Francisco

Time difference changes between San Francisco and Sydney:

DateTime difference
Till 10 March 201918:0 hours
10 March 2019 to 06 October 201917:0 hours
06 October 2019 to 03 November 201918:0 hours
03 November 2019 to 05 April 202019:0 hours
After 05 April 2020
18:0 hours

San Francisco, California:

Time zone: PDT - Pacific Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -7)
DST started on 10 March 2019
DST will end on 03 November 2019
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Sydney, Australia:

Time zone: AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT +10)
DST will start on 06 October 2019
DST will end on 05 April 2020
Time zone difference / Flight distance

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