SST vs. AEST time difference

Samoa Standard TimeAustralian Eastern Standard Time
08:48 pm Fri, 20 Sep

05:48 pm Sat, 21 Sep

5 am2:00 am next day
7 am4:00 am next day
9 am6:00 am next day
11 am8:00 am next day
1 pm10:00 am next day
3 pm12:00 pm next day
5 pm2:00 pm next day
7 pm4:00 pm next day

Samoa Standard Time is 21 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time

8:48 pm Friday, Samoa Standard Time (SST) is
5:48 pm Saturday, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
Convert time between SST and AEST   

Time difference between SST and AEST is 21:0 hours

SST is 21 hours behind AEST.
1:00 am in SST = 10:00 pm in AEST.