Pretoria vs. Lexington-Fayette time difference

Pretoria is 6 hours ahead of Lexington-Fayette

Pretoria South AfricaLexington-Fayette Kentucky
Fri 10:28 pm

Fri 04:28 pm

7 am1:00 am
9 am3:00 am
11 am5:00 am
1 pm7:00 am
3 pm9:00 am
5 pm11:00 am
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Time difference between Pretoria South Africa and Lexington-Fayette Kentucky is 6:0 hours

Pretoria doesn't observe daylight saving time but Lexington-Fayette does. DST in Lexington-Fayette started on 10 March 2019 and will end on 03 November 2019. Once DST ends in Lexington-Fayette the time difference between Pretoria and Lexington-Fayette will be 7:0 hours.