Novgorod vs. Albury time difference

Novgorod is 7 hours behind Albury

Novgorod RussiaAlbury Australia
Wed 07:51 am

Wed 02:51 pm

7 am2:00 pm
9 am4:00 pm
11 am6:00 pm
1 pm8:00 pm
3 pm10:00 pm
5 pm12:00 am next day
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Time difference between Novgorod Russia and Albury Australia is 7:0 hours

Novgorod doesn't observe daylight saving time but Albury does. DST in Albury will start on 06 October 2019 and will end on 05 April 2020. Once DST starts in Albury the time difference between Novgorod and Albury will be 8:0 hours.