Male vs. Bogota time difference

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Male timeBogota time
(UTC/GMT +5)
Mon 11:51 am

(UTC/GMT -5)
Mon 01:51 am

5 am7:00 pm previous day
7 am9:00 pm previous day
9 am11:00 pm previous day
11 am1:00 am
1 pm3:00 am
3 pm5:00 am
5 pm7:00 am
7 pm9:00 am

Male, Maldives is 10 hours ahead of Bogota, Colombia

11:51 am Monday, in Male, Maldives is
1:51 am Monday, in Bogota, Colombia
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Time difference between Male Maldives and Bogota Colombia is 10:0 hours

Neither Male nor Bogota observe daylight saving time.
Male - Bogota time difference remains 10 hours throughout the year.