London vs. Auckland time difference

London and Auckland time difference changes
(based on dates DST begins and ends)
DateTime difference
31 March 2019 to 29 September 201911:0 hours
29 September 2019 to 27 October 201912:0 hours
27 October 2019 to 05 April 202013:0 hours

London is 11 hours behind Auckland

London UKAuckland New Zealand
Fri 11:58 am

Fri 10:58 pm

7 am6:00 pm
9 am8:00 pm
11 am10:00 pm
1 pm12:00 am next day
3 pm2:00 am next day
5 pm4:00 am next day
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Time difference between London UK and Auckland New Zealand is 11:0 hours

DST is observed in both London and Auckland. Time difference between these two cities will change according to the date DST begins and ends.