Laval vs. China Standard Time difference

LavalChina Standard Time
(UTC/GMT -4)
07:28 am Wed, 18 Sep

07:28 pm Wed, 18 Sep

5 am5:00 pm
7 am7:00 pm
9 am9:00 pm
11 am11:00 pm
1 pm1:00 am next day
3 pm3:00 am next day
5 pm5:00 am next day
7 pm7:00 am next day

Laval Canada is 12 hours behind China Standard Time

7:28 am Wednesday, in Laval Canada is
7:28 pm Wednesday, China Standard Time (CST)
Convert time between Laval Canada and CST   

Time difference between Laval Canada and CST is 12:0 hours

Laval is 12 hours behind CST.
6:00 am in Laval = 6:00 pm in CST.