Kuala Lumpur vs. Brasilia time difference

Kuala Lumpur is 11 hours ahead of Brasilia

Kuala Lumpur MalaysiaBrasilia Brazil
Thu 12:07 am

Wed 01:07 pm

7 am8:00 pm previous day
9 am10:00 pm previous day
11 am12:00 am
1 pm2:00 am
3 pm4:00 am
5 pm6:00 am
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Time difference between Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Brasilia Brazil is 11:0 hours

Kuala Lumpur doesn't observe daylight saving time but Brasilia does. DST in Brasilia started on 04 November 2018 and ended on 17 February 2019. When DST is observed in Brasilia the time difference between Kuala Lumpur and Brasilia is 10:0 hours.