Canberra vs. Salt Lake City time difference

Canberra and Salt Lake City time difference changes
(based on dates DST begins and ends)
DateTime difference
10 March 2019 to 06 October 201916:0 hours
06 October 2019 to 03 November 201917:0 hours
03 November 2019 to 05 April 202018:0 hours

Canberra is 16 hours ahead of Salt Lake City

Canberra AustraliaSalt Lake City Utah
Wed 06:15 pm

Wed 02:15 am

7 am3:00 pm previous day
9 am5:00 pm previous day
11 am7:00 pm previous day
1 pm9:00 pm previous day
3 pm11:00 pm previous day
5 pm1:00 am
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Time difference between Canberra Australia and Salt Lake City Utah is 16:0 hours

DST is observed in both Canberra and Salt Lake City. Time difference between these two cities will change according to the date DST begins and ends.