ALMT vs. WGST time difference

Alma-Ata TimeWestern Greenland Summer Time
08:25 am Sun, 22 Sep

12:25 am Sun, 22 Sep

5 am9:00 pm previous day
7 am11:00 pm previous day
9 am1:00 am
11 am3:00 am
1 pm5:00 am
3 pm7:00 am
5 pm9:00 am
7 pm11:00 am

Alma-Ata Time is 8 hours ahead of Western Greenland Summer Time

8:25 am Sunday, Alma-Ata Time (ALMT) is
12:25 am Sunday, Western Greenland Summer Time (WGST)
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Time difference between ALMT and WGST is 8:0 hours

ALMT is 8 hours ahead of WGST. When it is 8:00 am in WGST, it is 4:00 pm in ALMT.