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Current time in Naples, Italy:

Saturday, 9:34 pm

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Time zone: CEST - Central European Summer Time
Time zone offset: UTC/GMT +2
DST started on: 31 March 2019
DST will end on: 27 October 2019
When DST ends, the time zone in Naples will return to CET (Central European Time).
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USA - Florida - NaplesSat 03:34 PM

Time difference between Naples and
other major time zones and cities
Time zoneTime difference
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard TimeAEST is 8 hours ahead of Naples time.
CET - Central European TimeCET is 1 hour behind Naples time.
CST - Central Standard TimeCST is 8 hours behind Naples time.
EST - Eastern Standard TimeEST is 7 hours behind Naples time.
GMT - Greenwich Mean TimeGMT is 2 hours behind Naples time.
HST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard TimeHST is 12 hours behind Naples time.
IST - India Standard TimeIST is 3 hours, 30 minutes ahead of Naples time.
MST - Mountain Standard TimeMST is 9 hours behind Naples time.
PST - Pacific Standard TimePST is 10 hours behind Naples time.
BangaloreBangalore is 3 hours, 30 minutes ahead of Naples.
ChicagoChicago is 7 hours behind Naples.
DubaiDubai is 2 hours ahead of Naples.
Hong KongHong Kong is 6 hours ahead of Naples.
HonoluluHonolulu is 12 hours behind Naples.
LondonLondon is 1 hour behind Naples.
Los AngelesLos Angeles is 9 hours behind Naples.
MelbourneMelbourne is 9 hours ahead of Naples.
New YorkNew York is 6 hours behind Naples.
ParisNo time difference between Paris and Naples.
SingaporeSingapore is 6 hours ahead of Naples.
SydneySydney is 9 hours ahead of Naples.
TokyoTokyo is 7 hours ahead of Naples.
TorontoToronto is 6 hours behind Naples.
Washington DCWashington DC is 6 hours behind Naples.
ZurichNo time difference between Zurich and Naples.