San Jose (Costa Rica) and Baotou time difference is 14 hours


If you are located in San Jose (Costa Rica) and would like to make a phone call to or have a video chat with someone in Baotou, due to the large time difference of 14 hours between these two cities You will have to organise it out of your regular working hours. Baotou time is 14 hours ahead of San Jose (Costa Rica) time, so the ideal time to get in touch with the other party in Baotou would be between 7pm to 3am (San Jose (Costa Rica) time).

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12 am 00:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)2pm 14:00 Baotou
1 am 01:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)3pm 15:00 Baotou
2 am 02:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)4pm 16:00 Baotou
3 am 03:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)5pm 17:00 Baotou
4 am 04:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)6pm 18:00 Baotou
5 am 05:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)7pm 19:00 Baotou
6 am 06:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)8pm 20:00 Baotou
7 am 07:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)9pm 21:00 Baotou
8 am 08:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)10pm 22:00 Baotou
9 am 09:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)11pm 23:00 Baotou
10 am 10:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)12am 00:00 next day Baotou
11 am 11:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)1am 01:00 next day Baotou
12 pm 12:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)2am 02:00 next day Baotou
1 pm 13:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)3am 03:00 next day Baotou
2 pm 14:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)4am 04:00 next day Baotou
3 pm 15:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)5am 05:00 next day Baotou
4 pm 16:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)6am 06:00 next day Baotou
5 pm 17:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)7am 07:00 next day Baotou
6 pm 18:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)8am 08:00 next day Baotou
7 pm 19:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)9am 09:00 next day Baotou
8 pm 20:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)10am 10:00 next day Baotou
9 pm21:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)11am 11:00 next day Baotou
10 pm22:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)12pm 12:00 next day Baotou
11 pm23:00 San Jose (Costa Rica)1pm 13:00 next day Baotou

The hours shown in blue color are the usual 9 am to 5 pm business hours.

San Jose (Costa Rica) sunrise sunset
Baotou sunrise sunset

San Jose - Costa Rica

Baotou - China