Nome and Tangier time difference is 8 hours

Time in Nome

Mon, May 25th (UTC -8)
Time in Tangier

Mon, May 25th (UTC)

If you are located in Nome and would like to make a phone call to or have a video chat with someone in Tangier, due to the large time difference of 8 hours between these two cities You will have to organise it out of your regular working hours. Tangier time is 8 hours ahead of Nome time. So the ideal time to get in touch with the other party in Tangier would be between 1am to 9am (Nome time).

See distance from Nome to Tangier

Time difference comparison

12 am Nome8am Tangier
1 am Nome9am Tangier
2 am Nome10am Tangier
3 am Nome11am Tangier
4 am Nome12pm Tangier
5 am Nome1pm Tangier
6 am Nome2pm Tangier
7 am Nome3pm Tangier
8 am Nome4pm Tangier
9 am Nome5pm Tangier
10 am Nome6pm Tangier
11 am Nome7pm Tangier
12 pm Nome8pm Tangier
1 pm Nome9pm Tangier
2 pm Nome10pm Tangier
3 pm Nome11pm Tangier
4 pm Nome12am next day Tangier
5 pm Nome1am next day Tangier
6 pm Nome2am next day Tangier
7 pm Nome3am next day Tangier
8 pm Nome4am next day Tangier
9 pm Nome5am next day Tangier
10 pm Nome6am next day Tangier
11 pm Nome7am next day Tangier

The hours shown in blue color are the usual 9 am to 5 pm business hours.

Change of time difference between Nome and Tangier

Date Time difference
08 March 2020 to
19 April 2020 (DST begins in Tangier)
8 hours
19 April 2020 to
24 May 2020 (DST ends in Tangier)
9 hours
24 May 2020 to
01 November 2020 (DST ends in Nome)
8 hours

Time difference between AKDT (Alaska Daylight Time) and WET (Western European Time) is 8 hours

Nome - USA

  • Time zone: AKDT - Alaska Daylight Time
  • Time zone offset: UTC/GMT -8
  • DST started on: 08 March 2020
  • DST will end on: 01 November 2020
    When Daylight Saving Time ends, the time zone in Nome will return to AKST (Alaska Standard Time).

Tangier - Morocco

  • Time zone: WET - Western European Time
  • Time zone offset: UTC/GMT
  • DST started on: 19 April 2020
  • DST ended on: 24 May 2020
    When Daylight Saving Time is observed, the time zone in Tangier changes to WEST (Western European Summer Time).