Banjul and Bangalore time difference is 5 hours, 30 minutes

Time in Banjul

Mon, May 25th (UTC)
Time in Bangalore

Mon, May 25th (UTC +5:30)

You should keep in mind that these two cities are in two different time zones. Bangalore time is 5 hours, 30 minutes ahead of Banjul time, so if you are located in Banjul and would like to make a phone call to or have a video chat with someone in Bangalore, the convenient time for both you and the other party is 9am to 11:30am (Banjul time).

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Time difference comparison

12 am Banjul5:30am Bangalore
1 am Banjul6:30am Bangalore
2 am Banjul7:30am Bangalore
3 am Banjul8:30am Bangalore
4 am Banjul9:30am Bangalore
5 am Banjul10:30am Bangalore
6 am Banjul11:30am Bangalore
7 am Banjul12:30pm Bangalore
8 am Banjul1:30pm Bangalore
9 am Banjul2:30pm Bangalore
10 am Banjul3:30pm Bangalore
11 am Banjul4:30pm Bangalore
12 pm Banjul5:30pm Bangalore
1 pm Banjul6:30pm Bangalore
2 pm Banjul7:30pm Bangalore
3 pm Banjul8:30pm Bangalore
4 pm Banjul9:30pm Bangalore
5 pm Banjul10:30pm Bangalore
6 pm Banjul11:30pm Bangalore
7 pm Banjul12:30am next day Bangalore
8 pm Banjul1:30am next day Bangalore
9 pm Banjul2:30am next day Bangalore
10 pm Banjul3:30am next day Bangalore
11 pm Banjul4:30am next day Bangalore

The hours shown in blue color are the usual 9 am to 5 pm business hours.

Banjul, Gambia is 5 hours, 30 minutes behind Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Time difference between GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and IST (India Standard Time) is 5 hours, 30 minutes

Banjul - Gambia

Bangalore - India