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Time Difference: 1 hour

Telford time

Niamey time

Wed 11:58 pm

Thu 12:58 am

WAT (UTC +1)
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Time difference between Telford UK and Niamey Niger is 1:0 hour

Niamey doesn't observe daylight saving time but Telford does. DST in Telford started on 31 March 2019 and ended on 27 October 2019. When DST is observed in Telford the time difference between Telford and Niamey is 0 minute (no time difference).

Telford, England, UK is 1 hour behind Niamey, Niger
11:58 pm Wednesday, in Telford, England, UK is 12:58 am Thursday, in Niamey, Niger.

Los Angeles: 3:58 pm Wed, Jan 22nd
Houston: 5:58 pm Wed, Jan 22nd
New York: 6:58 pm Wed, Jan 22nd
London: 11:58 pm Wed, Jan 22nd
Paris: 12:58 am Thu, Jan 23rd
Dubai: 3:58 am Thu, Jan 23rd
Bangalore: 5:28 am Thu, Jan 23rd
Singapore: 7:58 am Thu, Jan 23rd
Sydney: 10:58 am Thu, Jan 23rd