Time Difference: 4 hours


Mountain Time

WGT (UTC -3)
11:43 am Thu, 23 Jan
07:43 am Thu, 23 Jan
7 am3:00 am
9 am5:00 am
11 am7:00 am
1 pm9:00 am
3 pm11:00 am
5 pm1:00 pm
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Time difference between Nuuk Greenland and MT is 4:0 hours

Nuuk Greenland is 4 hours ahead of Mountain Time
11:43 am Thursday, in Nuuk Greenland is 7:43 am Thursday, Mountain Time (MT)

Cities in Mountain Time Zone:
Los Angeles: 6:43 am Thu, Jan 23rd
Houston: 8:43 am Thu, Jan 23rd
New York: 9:43 am Thu, Jan 23rd
London: 2:43 pm Thu, Jan 23rd
Paris: 3:43 pm Thu, Jan 23rd
Dubai: 6:43 pm Thu, Jan 23rd
Bangalore: 8:13 pm Thu, Jan 23rd
Singapore: 10:43 pm Thu, Jan 23rd
Sydney: 1:43 am Fri, Jan 24th