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Time Difference: 13 hours

Moroni time

Honolulu time

EAT (UTC +3)
Wed 10:12 pm

HST (UTC -10)
Wed 09:12 am

7 am6:00 pm previous day
9 am8:00 pm previous day
11 am10:00 pm previous day
1 pm12:00 am
3 pm2:00 am
5 pm4:00 am
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Time difference between Moroni Comoros and Honolulu Hawaii is 13:0 hours

Neither Moroni nor Honolulu observe daylight saving time.
Moroni and Honolulu time difference remains 13 hours throughout the year.
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Moroni, Comoros is 13 hours ahead of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
10:12 pm Wednesday, in Moroni, Comoros is 9:12 am Wednesday, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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