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Time Difference: 1 hour

Cardiff time

Berlin time

Sat 09:29 pm

Sat 10:29 pm

CET (UTC +1)
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Time difference between Cardiff UK and Berlin Germany is 1:0 hour

Both Cardiff and Berlin observe DST. However, since DST begins and ends at the same time in these two cities, Cardiff and Berlin time difference remains the same throughout the year.

Cardiff, Wales, UK is 1 hour behind Berlin, Berlin, Germany
9:29 pm Saturday, in Cardiff, Wales, UK is 10:29 pm Saturday, in Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Los Angeles: 1:29 pm Sat, Jan 18th
Houston: 3:29 pm Sat, Jan 18th
New York: 4:29 pm Sat, Jan 18th
London: 9:29 pm Sat, Jan 18th
Paris: 10:29 pm Sat, Jan 18th
Dubai: 1:29 am Sun, Jan 19th
Bangalore: 2:59 am Sun, Jan 19th
Singapore: 5:29 am Sun, Jan 19th
Sydney: 8:29 am Sun, Jan 19th