VLAT - Vladivostok Time

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Current time in VLAT:

9:07:45 am

Time zone offset: UTC/GMT +10

VLAT (Vladivostok Time) is used in the following countries:

Cities in Vladivostok Time Zone (partial list):
Time difference between Vladivostok Time and
other major time zones and cities
Time zoneTime difference
Central Time15 hours behind VLAT time.
Eastern Time14 hours behind VLAT time.
Mountain Time16 hours behind VLAT time.
Pacific Time17 hours behind VLAT time.
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard TimeNo time difference with VLAT.
CET - Central European Time9 hours behind VLAT time.
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time10 hours behind VLAT time.
HST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time20 hours behind VLAT time.
IST - India Standard Time4 hours, 30 minutes behind VLAT time.
Bangalore4 hours, 30 minutes behind VLAT.
Chicago15 hours behind VLAT.
Dubai6 hours behind VLAT.
Hong Kong2 hours behind VLAT.
Honolulu20 hours behind VLAT.
London9 hours behind VLAT.
Los Angeles17 hours behind VLAT.
Melbourne1 hour ahead of VLAT.
New York14 hours behind VLAT.
Paris8 hours behind VLAT.
Singapore2 hours behind VLAT.
Sydney1 hour ahead of VLAT.
Washington DC14 hours behind VLAT.
Zurich8 hours behind VLAT.