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Sao Tome time difference with major cities

Amsterdam2 hours
Anchorage8 hours
Atlanta4 hours
Baltimore4 hours
Bangalore5 hours, 30 minutes
Bangkok7 hours
Barcelona2 hours
Beijing8 hours
Berlin2 hours
Boston4 hours
Brussels2 hours
Buenos Aires3 hours
Cairo2 hours
Calgary6 hours
Chicago5 hours
Dallas5 hours
Denpasar8 hours
Denver6 hours
Dhaka6 hours
Doha3 hours
Dubai4 hours
Dublin1 hour
Geneva2 hours
Hong Kong8 hours
Honolulu10 hours
Houston5 hours
Hyderabad5 hours, 30 minutes
Indianapolis4 hours
Istanbul3 hours
Jacksonville4 hours
Jakarta7 hours
Jerusalem3 hours
Karachi5 hours
Kuala Lumpur8 hours
Las Vegas7 hours
London1 hour
Los Angeles7 hours
Manila8 hours
Melbourne10 hours
Memphis5 hours
Miami4 hours
Montreal4 hours
Moscow3 hours
Mumbai5 hours, 30 minutes
New Orleans5 hours
New York4 hours
Newark4 hours
Oklahoma City5 hours
Orlando4 hours
Paris2 hours
Philadelphia4 hours
Phoenix7 hours
Rome2 hours
San Diego7 hours
San Francisco7 hours
Seattle7 hours
Seoul9 hours
Singapore8 hours
Sydney10 hours
Tel Aviv3 hours
Tokyo9 hours
Toronto4 hours
Vancouver7 hours
Vienna2 hours
Washington DC4 hours
Zurich2 hours