Time in Saint-Pierre, Saint Pierre And Miquelon

Time zone: PMST - Pierre Miquelon Standard Time
Saint-Pierre time zone offset: UTC/GMT -3
DST started on: 10 March 2019
DST ended on: 03 November 2019
When DST is observed, PMST changes to PMDT (Pierre Miquelon Daylight Time).
  • Saint-Pierre dialing code: +508
  • Sunrise time: 8:17 am
  • Sunset time: 5:36 pm
  • Daylength: 9 hrs 19 mins
Los Angeles: 1:14 pm Sat, Jan 25th
Houston: 3:14 pm Sat, Jan 25th
New York: 4:14 pm Sat, Jan 25th
London: 9:14 pm Sat, Jan 25th
Paris: 10:14 pm Sat, Jan 25th
Dubai: 1:14 am Sun, Jan 26th
Bangalore: 2:44 am Sun, Jan 26th
Singapore: 5:14 am Sun, Jan 26th
Sydney: 8:14 am Sun, Jan 26th