Preston Time Sunrise Sunset Distance

Time in Preston, England UK

Time zone: GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
Preston time zone offset: UTC/GMT
DST started on: 31 March 2019
DST ended on: 27 October 2019
When DST is observed, GMT changes to BST (British Summer Time).
Area code: +44-1772

Time difference between Preston and other cities and time zones

City / Time zone Time difference
Central Time6 hours behind
Eastern Time5 hours behind
Mountain Time7 hours behind
Pacific Time8 hours behind
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time10 hours ahead
CET - Central European Time1 hour ahead
GMT - Greenwich Mean TimeNo time difference with Preston
HST - Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time10 hours behind
IST - India Standard Time5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
AbidjanNo time difference with Preston
Abu Dhabi4 hours ahead
Abuja1 hour ahead
Acapulco6 hours behind
AccraNo time difference with Preston
Adak10 hours behind
Adamstown8 hours behind
Addis Ababa3 hours ahead
Adelaide10 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Aden3 hours ahead
Agra5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Aguascalientes6 hours behind
Ahmedabad5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Akron5 hours behind
Al Jizah2 hours ahead
Albany5 hours behind
Albuquerque7 hours behind
Alexandria2 hours ahead
Algiers1 hour ahead
Almaty6 hours ahead
Alofi11 hours behind
Amman2 hours ahead
Amsterdam1 hour ahead
Anadyr12 hours ahead
Anaheim8 hours behind
Anchorage9 hours behind
Andorra La Vella1 hour ahead
Ankara3 hours ahead
Anshan8 hours ahead
Antalya3 hours ahead
Antananarivo3 hours ahead
Apia14 hours ahead
Aqtau5 hours ahead
Aqtobe5 hours ahead
Arlington6 hours behind
Ashgabat5 hours ahead
Asmara3 hours ahead
Astana6 hours ahead
Asuncion3 hours behind
Athens2 hours ahead
Atlanta5 hours behind
Auckland13 hours ahead
Augusta5 hours behind
Aurora7 hours behind
Austin6 hours behind
Azores1 hour behind
Baghdad3 hours ahead
Baku4 hours ahead
Balikpapan8 hours ahead
Baltimore5 hours behind
BamakoNo time difference with Preston
Bandar Seri Begawan8 hours ahead
Bandung7 hours ahead
Bangalore5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Bangkok7 hours ahead
Bangui1 hour ahead
BanjulNo time difference with Preston
Baotou8 hours ahead
Barcelona1 hour ahead
Basel1 hour ahead
Basra3 hours ahead
Basse-Terre4 hours behind
Basseterre4 hours behind
Bastia1 hour ahead
Baton Rouge6 hours behind
Beijing8 hours ahead
Beirut2 hours ahead
BelfastNo time difference with Preston
Belgrade1 hour ahead
Belmopan6 hours behind
Berlin1 hour ahead
Bern1 hour ahead
Bethlehem2 hours ahead
Bhubaneshwar5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Billings7 hours behind
Birmingham (UK)No time difference with Preston
Birmingham (US)6 hours behind
Bishkek6 hours ahead
Bismarck6 hours behind
BissauNo time difference with Preston
Bogota5 hours behind
Boise7 hours behind
Boston5 hours behind
Brades4 hours behind
Brampton5 hours behind
Brasilia3 hours behind
Bratislava1 hour ahead
Brazzaville1 hour ahead
Bridgetown4 hours behind
Brisbane10 hours ahead
Brussels1 hour ahead
Bucharest2 hours ahead
Budapest1 hour ahead
Buenos Aires3 hours behind
Buffalo5 hours behind
Bujumbura2 hours ahead
Busan9 hours ahead
Cairo2 hours ahead
Calgary7 hours behind
Cali5 hours behind
Canberra11 hours ahead
Cancun5 hours behind
Cape Town2 hours ahead
Caracas4 hours behind
CardiffNo time difference with Preston
Carson City8 hours behind
Casablanca1 hour ahead
Castries4 hours behind
Cayenne3 hours behind
Cebu City8 hours ahead
Chandigarh5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Changchun8 hours ahead
Changsha8 hours ahead
Charleston5 hours behind
Charlotte5 hours behind
Charlottetown4 hours behind
Chatham Island13 hours, 45 minutes ahead
Chelyabinsk5 hours ahead
Chengdu8 hours ahead
Chennai5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Cheyenne7 hours behind
Chicago6 hours behind
Chihuahua7 hours behind
Chittagong6 hours ahead
Choibalsan8 hours ahead
Chongqing8 hours ahead
Christchurch13 hours ahead
Cincinnati5 hours behind
Cleveland5 hours behind
Colombo5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Columbia5 hours behind
Columbus5 hours behind
ConakryNo time difference with Preston
Concord5 hours behind
Copenhagen1 hour ahead
Cordoba1 hour ahead
DakarNo time difference with Preston
Dalian8 hours ahead
Dallas6 hours behind
Damascus2 hours ahead
Dar Es Salaam3 hours ahead
Darwin9 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Denpasar8 hours ahead
Denver7 hours behind
Des Moines6 hours behind
Detroit5 hours behind
Dhaka6 hours ahead
Dili9 hours ahead
Djibouti3 hours ahead
Dodoma3 hours ahead
Doha3 hours ahead
DouglasNo time difference with Preston
Dover5 hours behind
Dubai4 hours ahead
DublinNo time difference with Preston
Durban2 hours ahead
Dushanbe5 hours ahead
Dusseldorf1 hour ahead
Easter Island5 hours behind
EdinburghNo time difference with Preston
Edmonton7 hours behind
El Aaiun1 hour ahead
El Paso7 hours behind
Esfahan3 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Fairbanks9 hours behind
Faisalabad5 hours ahead
Fakaofo14 hours ahead
Fernando De Noronha2 hours behind
Foochow8 hours ahead
Fort Worth6 hours behind
Fort-de-France4 hours behind
Frankfort5 hours behind
Frankfurt1 hour ahead
FreetownNo time difference with Preston
Fresno8 hours behind
Fukuoka9 hours ahead
Funafuti12 hours ahead
FunchalNo time difference with Preston
Fushun8 hours ahead
Gaborone2 hours ahead
Galapagos Islands6 hours behind
Gambier Islands9 hours behind
Gatineau5 hours behind
Gaza2 hours ahead
Gdansk1 hour ahead
Geneva1 hour ahead
George Town(Cayman Islands)5 hours behind
Georgetown4 hours behind
Gibraltar1 hour ahead
GlasgowNo time difference with Preston
Guadalajara6 hours behind
Guam10 hours ahead
Guatemala6 hours behind
Guayaquil5 hours behind
Guiyang8 hours ahead
Halifax4 hours behind
Hamburg1 hour ahead
Hamilton (Bermuda)4 hours behind
Hamilton (Canada)5 hours behind
Hangzhou8 hours ahead
Hanoi7 hours ahead
Harare2 hours ahead
Harbin8 hours ahead
Harrisburg5 hours behind
Hartford5 hours behind
Havana5 hours behind
Helena7 hours behind
Helsinki2 hours ahead
Hiroshima9 hours ahead
Ho Chi Minh7 hours ahead
Hobart11 hours ahead
Hong Kong8 hours ahead
Honiara11 hours ahead
Honolulu10 hours behind
Houston6 hours behind
Hovd7 hours ahead
Hyderabad5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Incheon9 hours ahead
Indianapolis5 hours behind
Indore5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Iqaluit5 hours behind
Islamabad5 hours ahead
Istanbul3 hours ahead
Izmir3 hours ahead
Jackson6 hours behind
Jacksonville5 hours behind
Jaipur5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Jakarta7 hours ahead
Jayapura9 hours ahead
Jeddah3 hours ahead
Jefferson City6 hours behind
Jersey City5 hours behind
Jerusalem2 hours ahead
Jilin8 hours ahead
Jinan8 hours ahead
Jinzhou8 hours ahead
Johannesburg2 hours ahead
Juba3 hours ahead
Juneau9 hours behind
Kabul4 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Kaliningrad2 hours ahead
Kampala3 hours ahead
Kano Nigeria1 hour ahead
Kanpur5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Kansas City6 hours behind
Kaohsiung8 hours ahead
Karachi5 hours ahead
Kathmandu5 hours, 45 minutes ahead
Kaunas2 hours ahead
Kawasaki9 hours ahead
Kazan3 hours ahead
Khartoum2 hours ahead
Khon Kaen7 hours ahead
Khulna6 hours ahead
Kiev2 hours ahead
Kigali2 hours ahead
Kingston12 hours ahead
Kingston (Jamaica)5 hours behind
Kingstown4 hours behind
Kinshasa1 hour ahead
Kiritimati14 hours ahead
Kishinev2 hours ahead
Kitakyushu9 hours ahead
Knoxville5 hours behind
Kobe9 hours ahead
Kolkata5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Koror9 hours ahead
Kowloon8 hours ahead
Krakow1 hour ahead
Krasnoyarsk7 hours ahead
Kuala Lumpur8 hours ahead
Kunming8 hours ahead
Kupang8 hours ahead
Kuwait City3 hours ahead
Kyoto9 hours ahead
La Coruna1 hour ahead
La Paz4 hours behind
La Plata3 hours behind
Lagos1 hour ahead
Lahore5 hours ahead
Lanchow8 hours ahead
Las PalmasNo time difference with Preston
Las Vegas8 hours behind
Lausanne1 hour ahead
Laval5 hours behind
Leon6 hours behind
Lexington-Fayette5 hours behind
Lhasa8 hours ahead
Libreville1 hour ahead
Lilongwe2 hours ahead
Lima5 hours behind
Lincoln6 hours behind
LisbonNo time difference with Preston
Little Rock6 hours behind
LiverpoolNo time difference with Preston
Ljubljana1 hour ahead
Lodz1 hour ahead
LomeNo time difference with Preston
LondonNo time difference with Preston
London (Canada)5 hours behind
Long Beach8 hours behind
Longueuil5 hours behind
Lord Howe Island11 hours ahead
Los Angeles8 hours behind
Louisville5 hours behind
Luanda1 hour ahead
Lubumbashi2 hours ahead
Lucknow5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Ludhiana5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Luoyang8 hours ahead
Lusaka2 hours ahead
Luxembourg1 hour ahead
Macau8 hours ahead
Madison6 hours behind
Madrid1 hour ahead
Majuro12 hours ahead
Malabo1 hour ahead
Malang7 hours ahead
Male5 hours ahead
Mamoutzou3 hours ahead
Managua6 hours behind
Manama3 hours ahead
Manaus4 hours behind
Manila8 hours ahead
Maputo2 hours ahead
Mar Del Plata3 hours behind
Markham5 hours behind
Maseru2 hours ahead
Mataram8 hours ahead
Mazatlan7 hours behind
Mbabane2 hours ahead
Mecca3 hours ahead
Medan7 hours ahead
Medellin5 hours behind
Melbourne11 hours ahead
Melekeok9 hours ahead
Memphis6 hours behind
Mendoza3 hours behind
Merida6 hours behind
Mesa7 hours behind
Mexicali8 hours behind
Mexico City6 hours behind
Miami5 hours behind
Milan1 hour ahead
Milwaukee6 hours behind
Minneapolis6 hours behind
Minsk3 hours ahead
Mississauga5 hours behind
Mobile6 hours behind
Mogadishu3 hours ahead
Monaco1 hour ahead
MonroviaNo time difference with Preston
Monterrey6 hours behind
Montevideo3 hours behind
Montgomery6 hours behind
Montpelier5 hours behind
Montreal5 hours behind
Moroni3 hours ahead
Moscow3 hours ahead
Mumbai5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Munich1 hour ahead
Murmansk3 hours ahead
Muscat4 hours ahead
Nagoya9 hours ahead
Nagpur5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Nairobi3 hours ahead
Nanchang8 hours ahead
Naples1 hour ahead
Nashville6 hours behind
Nassau5 hours behind
Naypyidaw6 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Ndjamena1 hour ahead
New Delhi5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
New Orleans6 hours behind
New York5 hours behind
Newark5 hours behind
Niamey1 hour ahead
Nice1 hour ahead
Nicosia2 hours ahead
Nome9 hours behind
Norfolk5 hours behind
NouakchottNo time difference with Preston
Noumea11 hours ahead
Novgorod3 hours ahead
Novosibirsk7 hours ahead
Nukualofa13 hours ahead
Nuuk3 hours behind
Oakland8 hours behind
Odesa2 hours ahead
Okayama9 hours ahead
Oklahoma City6 hours behind
Omsk6 hours ahead
Oranjestad4 hours behind
Orlando5 hours behind
Osaka9 hours ahead
Oslo1 hour ahead
Ottawa5 hours behind
OuagadougouNo time difference with Preston
Pago Pago11 hours behind
Palembang7 hours ahead
Palikir11 hours ahead
Palma1 hour ahead
Panaji5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Panama5 hours behind
Papeete10 hours behind
Paramaribo3 hours behind
Paris1 hour ahead
Patna5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Pensacola6 hours behind
Perm5 hours ahead
Perth8 hours ahead
Peshawar5 hours ahead
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky12 hours ahead
Philadelphia5 hours behind
Phnom Penh7 hours ahead
Phoenix7 hours behind
Pierre6 hours behind
Pittsburgh5 hours behind
Podgorica1 hour ahead
Port Elizabeth2 hours ahead
Port Louis4 hours ahead
Port Moresby10 hours ahead
Port Of Spain4 hours behind
Port Vila11 hours ahead
Port-au-Prince5 hours behind
Port-aux-Francais5 hours ahead
Portland8 hours behind
PortoNo time difference with Preston
Porto Alegre3 hours behind
Porto Novo1 hour ahead
Poznan1 hour ahead
Prague1 hour ahead
Praia1 hour behind
Pretoria2 hours ahead
Pristina1 hour ahead
Providence5 hours behind
Pune5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Pyongyang9 hours ahead
Qiqihar8 hours ahead
Quebec5 hours behind
Quito5 hours behind
Rabat1 hour ahead
Raleigh5 hours behind
Rarotonga10 hours behind
Rawaki13 hours ahead
Recife3 hours behind
Regina6 hours behind
ReykjavikNo time difference with Preston
Richmond5 hours behind
Riga2 hours ahead
Rio Branco5 hours behind
Rio De Janeiro3 hours behind
Riverside8 hours behind
Riyadh3 hours ahead
Road Town4 hours behind
Rochester5 hours behind
Rome1 hour ahead
Rosario3 hours behind
Roseau4 hours behind
Rotterdam1 hour ahead
Sacramento8 hours behind
Saint Georges4 hours behind
Saint John4 hours behind
Saint Johns4 hours behind
Saint Paul6 hours behind
Saint-Denis4 hours ahead
Saint-Petersburg3 hours ahead
Saint-Pierre3 hours behind
Saipan10 hours ahead
Salem8 hours behind
Salt Lake City7 hours behind
Salta3 hours behind
Salvador3 hours behind
Salzburg1 hour ahead
Samara4 hours ahead
San Antonio6 hours behind
San Bernardino8 hours behind
San Diego8 hours behind
San Francisco8 hours behind
San Jose8 hours behind
San Jose (Costa Rica)6 hours behind
San Juan4 hours behind
San Luis Potosi6 hours behind
San Marino1 hour ahead
San Salvador6 hours behind
Sana3 hours ahead
Santa Ana6 hours behind
Santa Fe7 hours behind
Santiago3 hours behind
Santo Domingo4 hours behind
Sao Paulo3 hours behind
Sao TomeNo time difference with Preston
Sapporo9 hours ahead
Sarajevo1 hour ahead
Saskatoon6 hours behind
Seattle8 hours behind
Semarang7 hours ahead
Sendai9 hours ahead
Seoul9 hours ahead
Shanghai8 hours ahead
Shenzhen8 hours ahead
Shijiazhuang8 hours ahead
Sialkot5 hours ahead
Sian8 hours ahead
Singapore8 hours ahead
Singaraja8 hours ahead
Sioux Falls6 hours behind
Skopje1 hour ahead
Sochi3 hours ahead
Sofia2 hours ahead
SouthamptonNo time difference with Preston
St. Johns3 hours, 30 minutes behind
St. Louis6 hours behind
St. Petersburg5 hours behind
Stanley3 hours behind
Stockholm1 hour ahead
Stockton8 hours behind
Stuttgart1 hour ahead
Surabaya7 hours ahead
Surakarta7 hours ahead
Surat5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Surrey8 hours behind
Suva12 hours ahead
Sydney11 hours ahead
Szczecin1 hour ahead
Taegu9 hours ahead
Taiohae9 hours, 30 minutes behind
Taipei8 hours ahead
Taiyuan8 hours ahead
Tallinn2 hours ahead
Tampa5 hours behind
Tangier1 hour ahead
Tangshan8 hours ahead
Tarawa12 hours ahead
Tashkent5 hours ahead
Tbilisi4 hours ahead
Tegucigalpa6 hours behind
Tehran3 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Tel Aviv2 hours ahead
The Settlement7 hours ahead
The Valley4 hours behind
Thimphu6 hours ahead
Tianjin8 hours ahead
Tijuana8 hours behind
Tirane1 hour ahead
Tokyo9 hours ahead
Toledo5 hours behind
Topeka6 hours behind
Toronto5 hours behind
TorshavnNo time difference with Preston
Trenton5 hours behind
Tripoli2 hours ahead
Tsingtao8 hours ahead
Tucson7 hours behind
Tucuman3 hours behind
Tunis1 hour ahead
Turin1 hour ahead
Ufa5 hours ahead
Ulaanbaatar8 hours ahead
Unalaska9 hours behind
Vadodara5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Vaduz1 hour ahead
Valletta1 hour ahead
Vancouver8 hours behind
Varanasi5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Vatican City1 hour ahead
Venice1 hour ahead
Veracruz6 hours behind
Victoria8 hours behind
Victoria (Seychelles)4 hours ahead
Vienna1 hour ahead
Vientiane7 hours ahead
Vilnius2 hours ahead
Virginia Beach5 hours behind
Visakhapatnam5 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Vladivostok10 hours ahead
Warsaw1 hour ahead
Washington DC5 hours behind
Wellington13 hours ahead
Whitehorse8 hours behind
Wichita6 hours behind
Willemstad4 hours behind
Windhoek2 hours ahead
Windsor5 hours behind
Winnipeg6 hours behind
Wroclaw1 hour ahead
Wuhan8 hours ahead
YamoussoukroNo time difference with Preston
Yangon6 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Yaounde1 hour ahead
Yaren12 hours ahead
Yazd3 hours, 30 minutes ahead
Yekaterinburg5 hours ahead
Yellowknife7 hours behind
Yerevan4 hours ahead
Yokohama9 hours ahead
Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk11 hours ahead
Zagreb1 hour ahead
Zhengzhou8 hours ahead
Zibo8 hours ahead
Zurich1 hour ahead