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Air distance from Tirane Albania to Dhaka Bangladesh is 4192.6 Miles (6747.3 Kilometers / 3640.8 Nautical Miles).

Distance between cities in Albania and Bangladesh

Flight duration time from Tirane to Dhaka

Flight duration time from Tirane Albania to Dhaka Bangladesh is 8 hrs, 42 mins. This is the In-The-Air flight time. You should also add the taxi time, airport wait times and possible delays due to bad weather, etc. for the total flight duration time.

Coordinates: Tirane: 41° 19' North, 19° 49' East
Dhaka: 23° 42' North, 90° 22' East

Airports in Tirane:
  • Tirane International Airport Nene Tereza (TIA)

Airports in Dhaka:
  • Shahjalal International Airport (DAC)

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