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Air distance from Nuuk Greenland to Antananarivo Madagascar is 7630.7 Miles (12280.4 Kilometers / 6626.5 Nautical Miles).
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Flight duration time from Nuuk to Antananarivo

Flight duration time from Nuuk Greenland to Antananarivo Madagascar is 15 hrs, 50 mins. This is the In-The-Air flight time. You should also add the taxi time, airport wait times and possible delays due to bad weather, etc. for the total flight duration time.

Coordinates: Nuuk: 64° 10' North, 51° 44' West
Antananarivo: 18° 56' South, 47° 31' East

Airports in Nuuk:
  • Nuuk Airport (GOH)

Airports in Antananarivo:

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