Distance from Shahjalal International Airport to Bonriki International Airport:

5736.4 Miles
(9231.9 Kilometers / 4981.5 Nautical Miles).
Approximate flight duration time from Shahjalal International Airport to Bonriki International Airport is: 11 hrs, 54 mins

About Shahjalal International Airport:

Location: approximately 20 km (13 mi) north of Dhaka.
Shahjalal International Airport IATA code: DAC

Current time in Shahjalal International Airport: Monday 06th of April 2020, 10:23 PM BST.

Shahjalal International Airport Coordinates:
Latitude: 23° 50' North
Longitude: 90° 24' East

About Bonriki International Airport:

Location: approximately 1 km east of Tarawa.
Bonriki International Airport IATA code: TRW

Current time in Bonriki International Airport: Tuesday 07th of April 2020, 04:23 AM GILT.

Bonriki International Airport Coordinates:
Latitude: 01° 02' North
Longitude: 173° 08' East

Please note: this page displays the approximate flight duration time from DAC to TRW. The actual flight times may differ depending on the type and speed of aircraft.